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Tips & Tricks For The Best Content Marketing

Since content plays a big part in a business, we wanted to provide some content marketing advice for the success of your business. Whether you are a seasoned blogger with strong traffic or a fledgling newbie with a small (yet beautiful), brand-new blog, you will find plenty of actionable advice you can use immediately in these 13 tips and strategies.

1. It is always better to use the best material:

Competition in today’s so-called ‘attention economy’ has never been more intense with so much content being produced. As such, it is vital that you only publish the very best and most relevant content possible. It’s better to publish one outstanding post per week than a couple of mediocre posts per week.

2. Evaluating the Success of Your Content with Data is essential:

One of the most common delusions about content marketing is that simply by publishing blog posts, your business will mystically take off and you will be besieged by armies of eager prospective customers clamoring for whatever you sell. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case. Smart content marketers don’t just produce excellent content but also know how to measure the results of their efforts.

3. Reuse The Best Headlines in PPC Ads:

If you are running PPC campaigns and producing good content, you should also consider repurposing your best-performing headlines into your ad copy. If a headline resounded strongly with your readers, a variation of it would likely resonate with prospective buyers.

4. Not All Content needs to Tell a Story:

One of the biggest pet peeves about the content marketing industry is the emphasis on storytelling. Storytelling is a crucial skill for aspiring content marketers to cultivate and is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers with your message. However, it’s not necessary all the time. Being relevant is more important than telling a story that doesn’t make any sense in a particular context.

5. Speaking Your Mind & being bold is needed

One of the biggest tasks facing content marketers is to compete with and overcome the sheer volume of produced content. With literally millions of blog posts being available every single day, making your voice heard over the tsunami of content can be an almost insurmountable task – unless you take a stand that nobody else is willing to take it for you.

6. Go After Specific Keywords with Your Content

Some content experts advocate for a “less keywords” approach and publishing content that serves reader interests first and does not concern itself with anything as “distasteful” as keyword targeting. So, this is great in an ideal world, but it is a jungle out there – if you are not thinking about keyword targeting, you can bet your competitors are. That is the reason why it pays to target specific keywords with your content before you produce it.

7. Backing Up Your Arguments with relevant Data

In the present digital media environment, trust can be hard to come by. With the fact-checking and journalistic due diligence at all-time lows, it is easy to see why so many readers have become unwilling to accept “facts” as the cold, hard truth. That’s why it is imperative to back up your assertions with data.

8. Make sure that Your Content speaks Your Brand’s Voice:

Content marketing is one of the best things to create and refine the “voice” of your brand. However, even large, well-funded brands with dedicated content teams can struggle to identify and define what their brand voice actually sounds like, especially when working with larger teams.  

9. Start Content Remarketing:

So much time and efforts go into content production, only for a blog post to underwhelm you. Along with the real overheads of producing content, it is this poor return on investment that dissuades novices of content’s value to their business – a fallacy that even big companies and experienced marketers can buy too. However, there is a surefire way to make sure that more people see, interact, and respond to your content, and that’s content remarketing.

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